Project Description


For a company that has been in business since 1967 it is a big decision to change a logo but the client felt they needed to update their logo while still remaining recognisable to their solid client base.

We redesigned the TS combination giving it a more stylish edge, combined it with the strong company name and updated the colour pallet to two fresh blues instead of their black, red and blue combo from the past. Stationery templates, email signatures, business cards, stickers and flyers were also supplied.

The website was designed with, among other, two important requirements in mind. It needed to catagorise and showcase each piece of equipment with a direct enquiry button, and it needed to be easy for the client to update themselves, as most of the equipment are one offs coming in and being sold off all the time. A customised content management system was developed for this purpose.



Logo & Corporate Identity  Website Design
Templates for Print Marketing Material CMS Development